bunion removal
bunion removal surgery


Bunion removal is surgery to treat deformed bones of the big toe and foot.

A bunion occurs when the big toe points toward the second toe, forming a bump on the inner side of the foot.

You will be given anesthesia (numbing medicine) so that you won’t feel pain.

• Local anesthesia — Your foot may be numbed with pain medicine. You may also be given medicines that relax you. You will stay awake.

• Spinal anesthesia — This is also called regional anesthesia. The pain medicine is injected into a space in your spine. You will be awake but will not be able to feel anything below your waist.

• General anesthesia — You will be asleep and pain-free.

The surgeon makes a cut around the toe joint and bones. The deformed joint and bones are repaired using pins, screws, plates, or a splint to keep the bones in place.

The surgeon may repair the bunion by:

• Making certain tendons or ligaments shorter or longer

• Taking out the damaged part of the joints and then using screws, wires, or a plate to hold the joint together so that they can fuse

• Shaving off the bump on the toe joint

• Removing the damaged part of the joint

• Cutting parts of the bones on each side of the toe joint, and then putting them in their proper position