This type of treatment, which has been used in traditional Iranian medicine for a long time, has been used with different methods and names. Reducing body moisture, relieving back and joint pain, skin irritation of the nervous system, etc. have been among the cases of prescribing massage in different amounts and methods. Massage is a type of exercise and has many benefits, some of which are mentioned:
• Analysis of a thick substance that is attached to a part of the body.

• Analysis of wind or bloating in a part of the body.

• Absorb matter from top to bottom.

• Delivering the effect of oils to the body organs.

• Enlargement of a body part


Types of Massage:

• Rough:

Massage is done with a rough cloth and its benefit is the absorption of blood to the body. By persisting in this type of deck, in addition to other measures, some thin people can become obese.

• Emulsions:

It is anti-rough massage.

• Stiff:

Massage is done with strength and strengthens the limb.

• Soft:

Gently massaged, relaxes the limbs.

• Multiple:

Continuous and long-lasting massage causes slimming of the limbs.

• Moderate:

done in moderation, persistence on it causes obesity.

Today, various massage methods are common in most schools of traditional and complementary medicine and in disciplines such as physiotherapy. Application of massage with new names such as Massage, Attrition, Friction, Scrub, etc. in increasing the health of the body and immune system, improving patients with cystic fibrosis and as a safe and good method for patients with some joint-muscle problems is proven.